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The Bushrangers - Part Nineteen - The Jew-Boy's Gang and The Robber of the Caves

One of the more notorious of the bushrangers of the forties was a convict Jew named Davis, who made his escape from an ironed gang working near Sydney, and "took the bush", being soon joined by a desperate character named Ruggy, an Irishman, and two other runaway prisoners. Shortly after the gang commenced operations in the Brisbane Water and Hunter River Districts, three recruits joined, the latest addition being a youth of weak intellect, who had been led away by Davis' florid descriptions of the freedom and pleasures of a bandit's life.
The members of the gang were well mounted and well armed with double-barrelled guns and pistols, and supplied with packhorses to carry "swag". Conscious of their strength and their ability to get away quickly from any pursuers with whom a fight was not desirable, they pursued their nefarious occupation with the utmost boldness and openness. For a long time they eluded the vigilance of the local mou…
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The Bushrangers - Part Eighteen - "Scotchey", Witton & Co.

Between 1842 and 1844, two convicts named "Scotchey" and Witton absconded from Waugoola, and with others kept portions of the Lachlan district in a state of continual alarm by their outrages. They were wild, reckless, bloodthirsty fellows, and would stop at nothing to gain their ends. One or two of their exploits will suffice to show what manner of men they were.
At one of the stations in the district in which they were "ranging", a large company of men had assembled for the annual cattle muster, and after nightfall fourteen of them, including several "Government men", had gathered round the fire in the hut, for the evening smoke and yarn. Suddenly Scotchey and Witton stood at the door with guns presented, declaring that the first man that moved from his position would have the privilege of painting the door with his brains. A third man—Russell—was with them, and him they ordered to…

The Sailor's Return Hotel - The Rocks, Sydney

On 29th June 1831, Richard Phillips obtained a liquor licence for the Shipwright Arms on the north-east corner of Kent and Argyle streets. The next year, because of the support of the seafarers and the workers on Observatory Hill, he changed the name to The Sailor's Return. In 1838 Phillips sold the hotel to William Wells, a plasterer, who lived on the opposite corner in a two - storey colonial home he built in 1836 using sandstone blocks quarried from the area at the base of Observatory Hill. Wells continued to operate the pub opposite his home firstly as the Sailors Return, and in 1840 as the Quarryman's Arms.
The original picture of the steps leading up to the Sailor's Return was drawn by Elliot Johnson, c. 1900. He recorded on his drawing that the steps were 'now demolished'. The lithograph was produced by Sir William Johnson (1862-1932) c. 1912.
View Original:The Sailor's Return Hotel - The Rocks; drawing Elliot Johnson c. 1900; lithograph Sir William J…

The Hobart Town Gazette - 3 March 1827

The Hobart Town Gazette Saturday, March 3, 1827 Volume XII - Number 565
GOVERNMENT NOTICE Colonial Secretary's Office, March 1, 1827.
HIS Excellency the Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments: -

William Henry Hamilton, Esq. to be Police Magistrate of New Norfolk. Thomas Anstey, Esq. to be Police Magistrate at Oatlands Malcolm Laing Smith, Esq. to be a Justice of the Peace for the Island of Van Diemen's Land and its Dependencies, and Police Magistrate at Campbell-town James Simpson, Esq. to be a Justice of the Peace for the Island of Van Diemen's Land and its Dependencies, and Police Magistrate at Norfolk Plains, and Thomas Allen Lascelles, Esq. to be a Justice of the Peace for the Island of Van Diemen's Land and its Dependencies, and Police Magistrate at Richmond.
By Command of His Excellency, John Burnett.
GOVERNMENT ORDER Colonial Secretary's Office, March 1, 1827.
Charles Arthur, Esq. is appointed to act as Barrack Master, in the room of Malco…
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