NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st January and 31st March, 1832 - Part II - D-H



Part II.

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

290. DOYLE PETER, Marquis Huntly, shingler, to H. C. Sempil, Hunter's River

291. Doman John, Mermaid, stone-cutter, to John M'Claren, Sydney

292. Dent Patrick, Sir Godfrey Webster, stone-cutter and setter, to H. C. Sempill, Segenhoe

293. Delaney Patrick, Cambridge, stone cutter, to George Baxland, Hunter's River

294. Davis John, Eliza, labourer, to John Jones, Boatbuilder, Sydney

295. Darcey Walter, Lonach, harness maker, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes

296. Dolan William, Countess Harcourt, farm man, to Rowland Mortan, Sydney

297. Daines James, Lord Melville, house carpenter, to Robert Bonnor, Bathurst

298. Dunn Michael, Asia (8), stable boy, to Edward Lee, Waverly Crescent

299. Dolan Martin, Asia (8), ploughs, to F. A. Hely, Sydney

300. Dyer Henry, Waterloo, bricklayer, to John Lamb, Sydney

301. Donnelly Patrick, Asia, ploughs, &c., to William Sherwin, Parramatta

302. Donovan David, Mariner, labourer, to Andrew Taylor, Penrith

303. Dugdale Robert, Layton, butcher and shoe-maker, to Pierce Collets, Mount York

304. Donnolly David, Sophia, ploughs, &c., to James Phillips, Hunter's River

305. Davis James, John (I), clothier and labourer, to Timothy Nowlan, Hunter's River

306. Dowd John, Cambridge, dyer, to Thomas Wood, Wollombi

307. Draper William, Manlius, tailor, to William Price, Richmond

308. Derby Thomas, Borodino, miller, to John Smith, Newcastle

309. Davitt Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughs, &c., to F. C. L. Thompson, Camden

310. Dwyer Connor, Norfolk (3), ploughs, &c., to T. S. Kendall, Ilawarra

311. Darmody Daniel, Norfolk (3), carman and labourer, to Timothy Nowlan, Hunter's River

312. Davern Martin, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Joseph Onions, Richmond ,

313. Dalany John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Charles Tompson, South Creek

314. Drennan John, Norfolk (3), warehouseman and labourer, to H. P. Dutton, Hunter's River

315. Dooley Luke, Norfolk (3), groom and servant, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island ,

316. Donovan Patrick, Norfolk (3), blacksmith, to William Ogilvie, Hunter's River

317. Delahunty John, Norfolk (3), baker, to Capt. Moffatt, Port Stephens

318. Davies Michael, Norfolk (3), hatter, to R. Uther, Sydney

319. Davy James, Asia (9), ploughs and labourer, to David Chambers, Sydney

320. Dearden James, Asia, (9), factory boy, to James Chilcott, Hunter's River

321. Davidson Josiah, Asia (9), linen weaver and labourer, to Ambrose Hallen, Sydney

322. Dawes James, Asia (9), weaver, &c., to F. Mowatt, Narallan

323. Duffield James, Asia (9), farmer's boy, to J. R. Hume, Appin

324. Dix William, Asia {9), labourer, to P. M. Hosking, Sydney

325. Drinkwater William Francis, Asia (9), shepherd and shears, to J. Collicott, Sydney

326. Dark Stephen, Marquis Hastings, shoemaker, to Joseph Sharpe, Bathurst

327. Downing John, Asia (9), in and out door servant, to Catherine Garrett, Sydney

328. Deering Thomas or Patrick, Fergusson, stable boy, to George Turner, Sydney

329. Dorrell Thomas, Adrian, ploughman, to John Maun, Williams' River

330. Dwyer, Michael, Borodino, coachman, to D. A. C. G. Arnold, Sydney

331. Dovan Thomas, Mangles, coachman and servant, to Andrew Marsh, Parramatta

332. Dounes Michael, Countess Harcourt, carter, to Laurence Kenny, Sydney

333. Drew or Adams Terence, Bussorah Merchant, miller and seaman, to James King, Sydney

334. Drew John, Asia (9), painter and glazier, to Andrew Coss, Sydney

335. Denny William, Isabella (4), shepherd, to William Lee, Bathurst

336. Day James, Isabella (4), ploughs, sows, &c., to M. Hindmarsh, Illawarra

337. Dowling William, Isabella (4), bellows and patten maker, to James Mudie, Hunter's River

338. Dorrington Francis, Isabella (4), van driver, post boy, hostler, to John Town, jun. Richmond

339. Darlove Joseph, Isabella (4), feather dresser, groom, and servant, to Arthur Kemmis, Sydney

340. Dean John, Isabella (4), stableman, to William Harper, Hunter's River

341. Darby Thomas, Isabella (4), stable boy, to A. Long, Sydney

342. Davis John, Isabella (4), shoemaker, to E. S. Hall, Lake Bathurst

343. Dix Charles, Isabella (4), mason, to William Cox, jun. Hobart Ville

344. Drew Thomas, Isabella (4), shoemaker, to George Brown, Illawarra

345. Dell Charles, Waterloo, groom, to Andrew Coss, Sydney

346. ELWELL SAMUEL, Surry (4), brassfounder, to James Blanch, Sydney

347. Evans Charles, Neptune, carpenter, to. Dr. Wardell, Petersham

348. Eager Edmond or Thomas, Mariner, shoe-maker, to Rev. R. Cartwright, Liverpool

349. Evans John, Layton, mason and slater, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

350. Evans John, Marquis Huntly, in door servant, to F. Alderston, Liverpool

351. England Robert, Morley (4), errand boy, to James Phillips, Hunter's River

352. Egan Bryan, Norfolk (3), clerk and labourer, to Richard Jones, Sydney

353. Egan John, Norfolk (3), tinman, to John White, Sydney

354. Ellis Joseph, Asia (9), carter and labourer, to William Tyson, Appin

355. Easton James, Asia (9), brickmaker, to Major Rhode, Sydney

356. Ellis David, Asia (9), ploughs, milks, &c. to Berry and Co., Sydney

357. Evans John, or Bonbam David, Asia (9), ploughman, to Thomas Rowley, Holdsworthy

358. Elkins Henry, Eleanor, groom, to Attorney-General Kinchela, Sydney

359. Eldridge William, Asia, shoemaker's boy, to James Brown, Sydney

360. *Eaton Isaac, Guildford, ploughman, to George Bunn, Sydney

361. Eager Edmund, or Thomas, Mariner, shoe-maker, to John Dickson, Steam-engine

362. Eaton Isaac, Guildford, ploughman, to Thomas Bray, Concord

363. Evans John, Albion, Factory boy, to Thomas Bray, Concord

364. Evans Morris, Elizabeth, farm man, to John Cantwell, Castle-hill

365 Elliot Thomas, Isabella (4), cloth dresser, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

366. Ecclestone Isaac, Isabella (4) miner, to the Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

367. Elton William, Isabella (4), painter and seaman, to Sir John Wylde, Cabramatta

368. Etchells Edward, Speke (3), labourer, to Robert Gordon, Parramatta

369. Ford John, Phoenix, carver, to William Hibbert, Sydney

370. Fowler Henry, Marquis Hastings, blacksmith, to Thomas Icely, Bathurst

371. Flanagan Patrick, Phoenix, blacksmith, to George Mossman, Hunter's River

372. Furnace Joseph, Somersetshire, pit-sawyer, to T. W. Cape, Sydney

373. Farrant William, Governor Ready, stone cutter, to William Dumaresq, Hunter's River

374. Fairley James, Cambridge, stone cutter, to J. T. Hughes, Sydney

375. Ford Robert, Baring (1), quarryman, to A. B. Spark, Sydney

376. Friar Bryan, Earl St. Vincent, cooper, to Doctor Wardell, Petersham

377. Fisher Joseph, Minstrel, cloth dresser, to Samuel Thornton, Sydney

378. Finnegan Patrick, Phoenix (3), top-sawyer and turner, to Doctor Wardell, Petersham

379. Farrell Thomas, Bussorah Merchant (2), ploughman, to William Klensendorlffe, Minto

380. Fitzsimmons Michael, Bussorah Merchant (2), ploughman, to George Muir, Maitland

381. Foley Edward, Research, tailor and soldier, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

382. Ford Edward, Lady Castlereagh, plasterer, to William Dumaresq, St. Hilier's

383. Freeth Joseph, Claudine, stable boy, to James Underwood, Rush Cutters' Bay

384. Forde Thomas, Henry Porcher, horse breaker, to D. A. C. G. Bowerman, Parramatta

385. Flannagan Bryan, Edward, sailor, to Alfred Kennerly, Rooty-hill

386. Fletcher John, Adrian, jeweller, to John Dawson, Sydney

387. Fisher John, Adrian, carman, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

388. Fox William, Sophia, errand boy, to David Johnson, Cook's River

389. Finnigan Peter, Fergusson, errand boy, to H. H. Macarthur, Parramatta

390. Fleming John, Henry Porcher, dairyman, to Arthur Rankin, Bathurst

391. Fox Francis, Morley, weaver, to William Johnston, Bathurst

392. Fox Maurice, Guildford (8), errand boy, to William Hall, Maitland

393. Farrell James, Cambridge, labourer, to James M'Dougall, Darlington

394. Faulkener William, Royal George, bricklayer, to John Wood, Maitland

395. Fallon Thomas, Norfolk (3), shepherd, and ploughs, to Edward Cox, Mulgoa

396. Flinn John, Norfolk (3), carter, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

897. Ford Timothy, Norfolk (8), labourer, to William Hayes, South Creek

398. Fehan Patrick, Norfolk (3), carter, to Widow Cope, Windsor

399. Flanaghan Timothy, Norfolk (3), in-door servant, to His Excellency the Governor

400. Fihily John, Norfolk (3), groom and servant, to W. G. Cann, Patrick's Plains

401. Fox Benjamin, Asia (9), errand boy, to Joseph Smith, Maitland

402. Field Joshua, Asia (9), sweep and ostler, to David Chambers, Sydney

403. Flannagan James, Asia (9), chair frame sawyer, to T. F. Hawkins, Bathurst

404. Foggan George Marquis Huntly, exciseman, to John Tindall, Penrith

405. Fitzgerald Michael, Asia (4), butcher, to John Blaxland, junior, Newington

406. Fogerty John, Brampton, shoemaker, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

407. Flanaghan Patrick, Mangles (4), labourer, to Michael Bryan, Airds

408. Fencely Samuel, Countess Harcourt, groom, to William Lowe, Sidmonth Valley

409. Forder Thomas, Marquis Huntly, ploughs, &c., to Robert Lambert, junior, Bathurst

410. Frost Thomas, Minerva, carter, to Henry Kiernan, Dart Brook

411. Farrell Patrick, Mangles, weaver and labourer, to William Smith, Parramatta

412. Feaghan John, Asia (4), ploughman, to James King, Sydney

413. Fahey Thomas, Morley (4), stableman, to Isaac Simmons, Sydney

414. Foggert George, York, sawyer, to William Dumaresq, St. Hilier's

415. Ferris Peter, or John, Countess Harcourt, bleacher, to John Langdon, Sydney

416. Foster John, Isabella (4), spadesman, to John Street, Bathurst

417. Fagan Peter, Isabella (4), warehouseman in printing-office, to M. Hindmarsh, Illawarra

418. Fowler Daniel, Isabella (4), porter in warehouse, to Frederick Garling, junior, Sydney

419. Fancy James, Isabella (4), soldier and farm labourer, to William Fitzgerald, Brisbane Water

420. Fry Edward, Isabella (4), blacksmith, to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse

421. Farrell Garrett, James Pattison, coachman and groom, to Judge Stephen, Sydney

422. Fraser Alexander, Neptune, merchant's clerk, to Thomas Smart, Sydney

423. Gullis Benjamin, Marquis Huntly, carpenter and joiner, to Timothy Nowlan, Hunter's River.

424. Grigs Henry, Florentia, tinman, to James Blanch, Sydney

425. Gregory James, Hercules, locksmith, to Charles Wilkins, Sydney

426. Gregson Robert, Lord Melville, stone cutter, to Andrew Gibson, Goulburn Plains

427. Green Thomas, Albion, quarryman, to Robert Crawford, Prospect

428. Griffiths John, Dick, plasterer, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes

429. Gouder John, Mangles, bricklayer, to Mary Raine, Parramatta

430. Gibbs Luke, Mangles, herdsman, to John Maclaren, Sydney

431. Gorman John, Daphne, labourer, to Moses Bulger, Sydney.

432. Gray Thomas, Surry (5), ploughs, &tc., to G, C. Curlewis, Sydney.

433. Groomley Patrick, Asia (8), ploughs, &c., to H. Hume, Appin

434. Green Michael, Asia (8), butcher's apprentice, to William Lane, Bathurst

435. GembleThomas, Bussovah Merchant, dealer, to Thomas Connell, Goulburn Plains

436. Glancy Francis, Bussorah Merchant, waiter at public-house, to Edward Biddulph, Captain Sophia Jane

437. Geogeghan Patrick or James Kingsbury, Bussorah Merchant, stone cutter, to F. C. L. Thompson, Bathurst

438. Goodman James, York, carter and soldier, to Henry Hart, Liverpool Road

439. Gibbons John, Claudine, butchers boy, to George Blackett, Liverpool

440. Grant John, Hooghley, butcher's boy, to William Shepherd, near Sydney

441. Gogarty Thomas, Regalia, weaver, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

442. Gorman John, Marquis Huntly, farm servant, to David Johnston, Cook's River

443. Green John, John (1), carpenter's boy, to George Brown, Sydney

444. Gill Thomas, Ocean, cowman, to Thomas Kendall, St. Vincent

445. Greenwood Thomas, Nithsdale, wool sorter, to Robert Futter, Argyle

446. Glynn Laurence, Morley (4), labourer, to T. A. Murray, Argyle

447. Gamble John, Sophia, ploughman, to William M'Arthur, Camden

448. Griffin John, Marquis Huntly, errand boy, to Edward Alcorn, Windsor

449. Ginnan Thomas, Eliza, butcher, to John Terry, Box-hill

450. Gallaran Martin, Marquis Huntly (2), farm servant, to H. G. Watson, Brisbane Water

451. Grier James, Albion (2), bricklayer, to R. Lambert, Bathurst

452. Gunn Alexander, York, baker, to Maurice Townshend, Wollombi

453. Griffiths John, Speke, bookbinder's boy, to H. P. Dutton, Hunter's River

454. Goff John, James Pattison, butcher, to H. P. Dutton, Hunter's River

455. Gaggarty John, Larkins, seaman and servant, to James Cracknell, Illalang

456. Giles William, Marquis Huntly (3), seaman, to Edward Kealy, Hunter's River

457. Grogan John, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Andrew Gibson, Goulburn Plains

458. Glancy James, Norfolk (3), stockman, to Julia Johnston, Annandale

450. Goolagluy Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to John Blaxland, junior, Newington

460. Gallagher Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Joseph Onions, Richmond

461. Gleeson Richard, Norfolk (3), errand boy, to John Terry, Box-hill

462. Grady James, Norfolk (3), labourer, to John Redman, Sydney

463. Gaughan Patrick, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Edward Jones, Hunter's River

464. Gallagher Michael, Norfolk (3), boatman, to Henry Dnnison, Sydney

465. Gilded or Gilder Edward or Edmond, Norfolk, (3), boatman and labourer, to Henry Marr, Sydney

466. Ganby James, Norfolk (3), boatman and servant, to Dr. Lang, Sydney

467. Grittoes Richard, Asia (9), carpet weaver, to J. Larnack, Hunter's River

468. Gollagher James, Asia (9), in and out door servant, to Henry Dangar, Port Stephens

469. Goodwin William, Asia (9), brickmaker, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

470. Green Thomas, Asia (9), engineer, iron turner, and miller, to Berry & Co., Sydney

471. Gately John, Asia (9), ostler, to Thomas Evernden, Bathurst

472. Gooch William, Asia, (9), carpenter, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney

473. Gallagher James, Minstrel, ploughman to Samuel North, Windsor

474. Gregory John, Countess Harcourt, farm servant, to Cooper and Levey, Sydney

475. Golding Patrick, Henry, gardener, to Dr. Forster, Field of Mars

476. Grant John or Brotherston, Midas, black-smith, to John Reddall, Gampbelltown

477. Garcia Daniel, Morley (1), fruiterer, to John Randall, Nepean

478. Gilded Edward, Norfolk (3), boatman and labourer, to John Purcell, Windsor

479. Gentle Henry, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c., to Andrew Lang, Hunter's River

480. Garrett Elias or Caines, Isabella (4), farmer's boy, to John Maxwell, Bathurst

481. Glastonbury Richard, Isabella (4), boatman, to Samuel Haines, Prospect

482. Gill Robert, Isabella (4), merchant's porter, to William Lee, Bathurst

483. Grady Michael, Isabella (4), labourer, to Thomas Humphry, Brisbane Water

484. George Thomas, Isabella (4), fuller, to James Street, Bathurst

485. Grady Thomas, Isabella (4), ostler, to Joseph Aarons, Sydney

486. Garraway James or Callaway, Isabella (4), plumber and weaver, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

487. Gallagher Thomas, Isabella (4), plasterer, to William Qgilvie, Merton

488. Gray James or Longstaff, Isabella (4), tailor, to William Cox, jun. Hobart Ville

489. Gibbons John or Bernard M'Nicholl, Norfolk, bleacher, cooper, &c. to Richard Jones, Sydney

490. HALL JAMES, Norfolk, cabinet maker, to H. C. Pilcher, Hunter's River

491. Hague William, Guildford (6), blacksmith, to John Pike, Hunter's River

492. Hartland Thomas, Prince Regent, top sawyer, to William Dunn, Paterson's Plains

493. Hoare Oliver, Vittoria, stone cutter, to Robert Futter, Argyle

494. Hutton James, Neptune, quarryman, to Dr. Bowman, Sydney

495. Hilliard John, Marquis Hastings, labourer, to John Harris, Shanes Park

496. Hancock William, Nithsdale, bricklayer, to James Blackett, Ultimo

497. Hopkins John, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to John Lupton, Argyle Road

498. Harris Thomas, Manlius, biscuit maker, to George M'Leay, Brownlow Hill

499. Harvey James, General Hewitt, maltster, to William Haywood, Parramatta

500. Humphries William, Dunvegan Castle, carter, to William Smith, Parramatta

501. Hough James, Asia (8), labourer, to William Davis, Sydney

502. Hayes John, Asia (8), labourer, to David Foley, Pitt Water

503. Hayes Pierce, Asia |8), labourer, to James Mullen, Brisbane Water

504. Hudson William, Research,bricklayer, to Dr. Jacob, Bengal Artillery, Hunter's River

505. Holmes James, Katherine Stewart Forbes' labourer, to John Betts, Parramatta

506. Hewson or Henson Thomas, Borodino, stable boy, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

507. Hancock George, Dunvegan Castle, servant and groom, to Susan Brown, Windsor

508. Hamilton Peter, Asia (6), tailor, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

509. Herbert James, Larking, bagpiper, to Peter Howell, Sydney

510. HughesThomas, Vittoria, mountebank, to Joseph Hicks, Lane Cove

511. Hart Jolm» Sarah, tailor and dealer, to William Bradly, Goulburn Plains

512. Herring Thomas, Marquis Hastings, cowman, to Thomas Kendall, St, Vincent

513. Hogan Michael, Adrian, shoemaker, to Andrew Brown, Bathurst

514. Hayes George, Manlius, carter, to George Cox, Winbourne

515. Hunter John, England, weaver, to James Walker, Wallaland

516. Holland William, Speke, waterman, to J. H. Edwards, Brisbane Water

517. Holland Daniel, . Sesostris, tailor, to John Howe, Windsor

518. Higgins Patrick; Cambridge, butcher, to T. V. Bloomfield, Maltland

519. Holseworth William, England, plasterer's boy, to J. Pi Webber, Paterson's Plains

520. Hayes Thomas, Governor Ready, factory and cow boy, to William Innes, Hunter's River

521* Harris James, Speke, seaman, to William Innes, Hunter's River

522. Hurley William, Boyne, pedlar, to William O'Donnell, Maitland

523. Hennessy Pat. Norfolk (3), ploughs, groom, to Thomas Walker, Concord

524. Hanrialian Augustus, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to William Dumaresq, St. Hilier's

525. Hendry William, Norfolk (3), kitchen boy, to James Glennie, Darlington

526. Hawkens Patrick, Norfolk (3), seaman, to Estate of J. T. Campbell, Sydney

527. Hayes William, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Francis Rossi, Argyle

528. Hoi lagan Cornelius, Norfolk (3), labourer, to John Dickson, Steam Engine

529. Hough John, Norfolk (3), farm steward, to Michael Henderson, Williams River

530. Howard John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Thomas Campbell, Upper Minto

531. Healy Hugh, Norfolk(3), weaver, to W. D. Kellman, Williams' River

532. Hawkes Andrew, Norfolk (3), weaver and house servant, to P. Simpson, Sydney

533. Hickey Patrick, Norfolk (S), gardener, to Thomas Icely, Bungarrabee

534. Hunt William, Asia (9), shepherd, to W. S. Woodward, Bathurst

535. Holt Edward, Asia (9), ploughs, to William Howe, Glenlee

536. Hopkins William, Asia (9), ploughs, to Wm. Wentworth, Vaucluse

537. Hickmott William, Asia (9), ploughs, to Wm. Lithgow, Sydney

538. Hall James, Asia (9), weaver and ostler, to Thomas Rowley, Holdsworth

539. Hazeledine Thomas, Asia (9), labourer, milks, to Berry and Co., Sydney

540. Hurst George, Asia (9), rope and twine spinner, to Jacob Wyer, Sydney

541. Hipkiss Edward, Asia (9), hinge maker, to William Howe, Glenlee

542. Hall Henry, Asia (9), glass cutter, to W. S. Woodward, Bathurst

543. Harkins Dominick, Asia (9), labourer and soldier, to W. S. Woodward, Bathurst

544. Hames George, Asia (9), brass founder, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

545. Hammond George, Asia (9), Valet, ale merchant, to Rev. Henry Carmichael, Sydney

546. Harper John, Albion, labourer, to Julia Johnston, Annandale

547. Hobson Enoch, Manlius, potter, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

548. Hendall Isaac, Guildford (7), farmer's man and weaver, to Cooper and Levy, Sydney

549. Hermitage Bigley, Marquis Hastings (3), boatman, to R. Lambert, jun. Bathurst

550. Holland Daniel, Mary (2), salesman, to Henry Jupp, Field of Mars

551. Hudsons William, Larkins (1), brick moulder, to F. A. Hely, Brisbane Water

552. Hoggarth Jonah, Vittoria, farmer, ploughs, to Robert Burke, Campbelltown

553. Hyndes Edward, Guildford (8), errand boy, to James Moran, Palmer's Flats

554. Harrison Michael, Vittoria, factory labourer; to Robert M'lntosh, Sydney

555. Hayes Joseph, Manlius, factory boy, to John Gidden Coleyar, Sutton Forest

556. Holton Robert, Ocean, farmer and shepherd, to John Dunstan, Wilberforce

557. Harding Samuel, Claudine, labourer, milks, to William Baldy, Sydney

558. Holyburton John, York, ploughs, &c. to Rev. T. Reddall, Campbelltown

559. Hampton James, Minerva (5), gardener, to Charles Thompson, Clydesdale

560. Hornby William, Mellish, waggoner, and ploughs, to William Aird, Parramatta

561. Horton Richard, Isabella (4), ploughs and milks. &c., to Alfred Elyard, Burwood

562. Hartwell Samuel, Isabella (4), stockman, shepherd, to James Hasseil, Matevia

563. Hitchen Richard, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to John Maxwell, Bathurst

564. Harding William, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to William Brown, Appin

565. Hastings William, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to Henry Perrier, Bathurat

566. Harper James, Isabella (4), ploughs and reaps, to Richard Jones, Sydney

567. Haimes Thomas, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to George Suttor, Baulkham Hills

568. How Simon, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to J. Robertson, North Shore

569. Hill William, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to William M'Laren, Hunter's River

570. Hoskins William, Isabella (4), mason's labourer, to Dr. Lang, to assist in building college, Sydney

571. Hartfield Charles, Isabella(4), masons labourer, to Dr. Lang, to assist in building college

572. Harley Dennis or Collins, (Isabella (4), labourer, to Andrew Lang, Hunter's River

573. Haldane Thomas, Isabella (4), weaver, carter, to Mary Marshall, Sydney

574. Ham Edward, Isabela(4), pit sawyer, to Robert Cuningham, Sydney

575. Hayes James, Isabella (4), butcher and stockman, to T. F. Hawkins, Bathurst

576. Hay James, Isabella (4), carpenter, to R. and H. Scott, Hunter's River

577. Horton Henry, Isabella (4), baker, to John Teale, Windsor

578. Hunt Robert or Hallett, Isabella (4), stone-mason, to Edward Hallen, Sydney

579. Hall Henry or Clerk, Isabella(4), servant and bricklayer, to Sydney Stephen, Sydney

580. Hinge James, Isabella (4), plasterer, to John Pike, Hunter's River

581. Hudson Joseph, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens


Principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office, }

2d June, 1832. }

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them,

(To be continued)

NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st January and 31st March, 1832 - Part II - D-H

View Original: NEW SOUTH WALES. (1832, June 20). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), p. 143.