NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st January and 31st March, 1832 - Part IV - O-S



Part IV.

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

879. ORPWOOD JAMES, Layton, cabinet maker, to B. V. Dulhunty, Bathurst

880. O'Hair or O'Dair John, Isabella, stone-cutter, to John Coghill, Kirkham

881. O'Byrne William, Recovery, plumber, painter, and glazier, to C. Drummond Riddell, Sydney

882. O'Neill William, York, shoemaker, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

883. O'Brien James,- Asia (8), fisherman's labourer, to H. H. Macarthur, Parramatta

884. Owen or Todd Daniel, Bussorah Merchant (2), shoemaker, to John Smith, Newcastle

885. Ogilvy John, John, plumber, painter, to F. Peterson, Sydney

886. O'Neill Thomas, Sophia, ploughman, to J. Harris Shane's Park

887. O'Hara Daniel, Larkins. ploughman, to William Dunn, Patrick's Plains

888. Oldham John, Dunvegan Castle, seaman and servant, to George Goldsmith, Wollombi

889. Olston John, Ocean, seaman, to John Thomson, Wollombi

890. Ounion Michael, Borodino, in and out-door servant, to M. D. Irving, Sydney

891. Overland John, Isabella (4), bellows-maker, to L. Macalister, Argyle

892. Ollis James, Isabella (4), painter and glazier, to James Pike, Hunter's River

893. PLOWMAN EDWARD, Prince Regent, upholsterer, to H. L. Miller, Sydney

894. Palmer James, Lord Melville, cabinet-maker, to Berry and Co. Sydney

895. Pollard Benjamin, Marquis Hastings, white-smith and locksmith, to James Russell, Sydney

896. Palmer William, Lady Faversham, book-binder, to William Moffat, Sydney

897. Parker William, Nithsdale, stonemason, to James Adair, Paterson's Plains

898. Pegley William, Earl St. Vincent, quarryman, to J. McFarlane, Argyle

899. Patterson John, Bussorah Merchant (2), ploughs, to John Jamison, junior, Argyle

900. Pool Charles, Research, Clerk, to the Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

901. Persons Robert, Ocean, plasterer, &c. to George Rankin, Bathurst

902. Pate William, Recovery, labourer, to Isaac Williams, Sydney

903. Phillips Thomas, Asia (5), footman, to Mrs. Howe, Sydney

904. Potter George, Guildford (8), labourer, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney.

905. Payne Samuel, Morley (5), bricklayer, to James Walker, Wallalang

906. Pye Isaac, Bussorah Merchant, groom, to John Liscombe, Bathurst

907. Peacock William, Florentia (1), ribbon weaver, to Thomas Prentice, Wollombi

908. Pearson George, John (1), shoemaker, to William Walker, O'Connel Plains ,

909. Phillips Robert, Royal George, labourer and shepherd, to William Prentice, Maitland

910. Parker Thomas, Lord Melville, shoemaker, to T. V. Bloomfield, Maitland

911. Piers Abel, Lady Faversham, shoemaker, to Thomas Bertie, Williams'River

912. Purcel Thomas, Cambridge, .seaman, to John Thomson, Wollombi

913. Pearce James, Royal Charlotte, blacksmith, to Samuel Icely, Bathurst

914. Pritcliard Felix, Medina, ploughs, &c», to John D. Campbell, Liverpool

915. Pendergrass Patrick, Governor Ready, weaver's boy, to Samuel Lyon, Sydney

916. Phillips William, Countess Harcourt (2), tailor, to Robert Jones, Sydftey

917. Poulter James, General Stewart, cattle dealer, to Samuel Terry, Sydney

918. Purcell John, Norfolk (8), labourer, to John Hillars, Argyle

919. Pinders Edward, Norfolk (8), servant, to Thomas Smith, Sydney

920. Power John, Norfolk (8), servant and groom, to William Morgan, Sydney

921. Power Walter, Norfolk (8), tobacco spinner, to C. Boydell, Paterson's River

922. Palmer John, Asia (9), ploughs, milks, &c., to Williarn Morgan, Sydney

923. Perry John, Asia (9), ploughs, milks, &c., to James Mudie, Hunter's River

924. Paddick John, Asia (9), ploughs, milks, &c to Henry Baldwyn, Wilberforce

925. Pymble Thomas, Asia (9), ploughs, milks, &c., to Robert Potts, Richmond

926. Plumb William, Asia (9), ploughp, reaps, &c, to John Brown, Bathurst

927. Pearson William, Asia (9), stationer, to Robert Scott, Glendon

928*. Pridham Robert, Asia (9), fisherman, to Hugh McDermott, Sydney

929. Penrose Charles, (Asia 9), sweep, to George Gilchrist, Sydney

930. Perkins John, Asia (9), errand boy, to William Morgan, Sydney

931. Parrett Stephen, Asia (9), seaman, to James Mudie, Hunter's River

932. Pantney John, Asia (9), labourer, to Walter Rotton, Maitland

933. Palmer Joseph, Asia (9), labourer and milks, to Sarah Alcorn, Windsor

934. Poole Thomas, Asia (9), buckle-finisher, to John Dunstan, Wilberforce

935. Phillips Robert, Asia (9), groom, to Colonel Morriset, Norfolk Island

936. Price Samuel, Asia (9), stone-cutter, to James Wright, Sydney

937. Paterson Thomas, Asia (9), tailor, to William Parmington, Sydney

938. Phillips Richard, Asia (9), grocer, painter, and plumber, to Samuel North, Windsor

939. Pettier Henry, Hercules, waiter, to James Scott, St. Hillier's

940. Prior Michael, Edward, labourer, to William Wilkinson, Liverpool

941. Price John, Speke (8), farm man, to Donald McLeod, Argyle

942. Prooser John, Prince Regent, carpet weaver, to Simeon Lord, Sydney

943. Price Peter, Guildford (7), shoemaker's boy, to John Webb, Sydney

944. Ponsonby Peter, Eliza (1), tailor, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes

945. Pridham Robert, Asia (9), fisherman, to John White, at Mr. Marsden's, Sydney

946. Pythian William, America, cabinet-maker, to Robert Cox, Brisbane Water

947. Parsons John, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to Samuel Terry, Sydney

948. Pulham Thomas, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to Splomon Wiseman, Lower Portland Head

949. Parry George, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to L. W. Reddall, Argyle

950. Padfield Robert, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to William Dangar, Neatsfield

951. Price Thomas, Isabella (4), farmer's boy, to William Crow, Appin

952. Pomeroy John, Isabella (4), watch finisher, to Robert Broad, Sydney

953. Patterson James, Isabella (4), turner and brazier, to Mathew Howlet, Parramatta

954. Plomer William, Isabella (4), groom and ploughs, to John Piper, Bathnrst

955. Parker William, Isabella (4), waiter and pot-boy, to Madam Rens, Sydney

956. Porter James, Isabella (4), stableman, to James Glennie, Hunter's River

957. Pressmore John, Isabella (4), baker, to George Smith, Sydney

958. Periders Edward, Norfolk (3), in and out-door servant, to G. C. Curlewis, Sidney

959. Quinlon Michael, Hercules, cooper, to F. Allman, Maitland

960. Quinn Patrick, Sir.Godfrey Webster, soldier, to Francis Reynolds, Sydney

961. Quinn Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to George Brown, Illawarra

962. Quan Maurice, Norfolk (3), boatman, to George Brown, Illawarra

963. Quin Martin, Norfolk (3), stableman and carter, to Capt. Edwards, 17th Regt. Sydney

964. Quigan James, Norfolk (3), carrier's boy, to George Poulton, Sydney

965. Quarman Joseph, Isabella (4), carter, to T. W. M. Winder, Windermere

966. ROBERTS RICHARD, Florentia, turner, to Edward Hunt, Sydney

967. Randall John, Vittoria, stone-cutter and setter, to Archibald Little, Hunter's River

968. Rainsby John, Hadlow, stone-setter, to Duncan McKellar, St. Vincent

969. Rafferty Michael, Midas, shoemaker, to Henry Bayly, Bayly Park

970. Radford John, Dunegan Castle, plasterer, to F. A. Hely, Sidney

971. Reynolds George, Royal Admiral, labourer, to John Harris, Shane's Park

972. Robinson William, Countess Harcourt, farmer's boy, to Robert Uther, Sydney

973. Reiliy Francis, Bussorah Merchant, shoe-maker, to Richard Dawes, Richmond

974. Reardon Edward, Castle Forbes, in-door servant, to Henry Drinkwater, Sydney

975. Rampl'm Minjoy, General Stewart, gunflint maker, to Michael Malony, Mulgoa

976. Regan Daniel, Governor Ready, errand boy, to Robert Day, Sydney

977. Roach James, Boyne, glover, &c. to Sydney Stephen, Sydney

978. Read James, Malabar, seaman, to John Abbott, Windsor

979. Rooney John, Phoenix (3), errand boy, to Robert Williams, Richmond

980. Randall Thomas, Speke, house servant, to William Jenkins, Lower Portland Head

981. Rogers Bernard, Cambridge, farmer's man, to William Dunn, Patrick's Plains

982. Regan John, Countess Harcourt, hosier, to Laurence Miles, Hunter's River

983. Robinson James, Fortune (2), groom and butcher, to John Palmer, Richmond Ville

984. Roberts Robert, Florentia, carpenter, to William Ogilvie, Hunter's River

985. Reardon Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to John Nicholson, Bong Bong

986. Ryan John (1), Norfolk (3), shepherd, to Richard Jones, Sidney

987. Reardon John, Norfolk (3), ploughman to W. D. Kelman, Hunter's River

988. Ryan Cornelius, Norfolk (3), shepherd, to A. Turner, Argyle

989. Reardon Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Robert Lowe, Bringelly

990. Ryan Thomas (1), Norfolk (3), shepherd and stockman, to Major Sullivan, Williams' River

991. Rattican Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to George Harper, Camden

992. Russell Thomas, Norfolk (3), cattle jobber, to George Harper, Camden

993. Ryan Thomas (2), Norfolk (3), labourer, to Charles Ivory, Eastern Creek

994. Ryan John (2), Norfolk (3), boatman, to H. M. Burrows, Sydney

995. Regan John, Norfolk (3), errand boy, to William Lawson, Prospect

996. Reilly Patrick, Norfolk (3), store porter and fisherman, to Michael Philips, Sydney.

997. Richardson John, Norfolk (3), servant and groom, to the Rev. James Orton, Sydney

998. Riddington Abram, Asia (9), shepherd and stockman, to James Phillips, Hunter's River

999. Ryder Samuel, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., fo Robert Pringle, Carington

1000. Rose George, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to William Ogilvie, Hunter's River

1001. Robertson David, Asia (9), ploughman and soldier, to Richard Brooks, Denham Court

1002. Ralph George Henry, Asia (9), seaman and labourer, to James Blackett, Ultimo

1003. *Reeves James, Asia (9), seaman, to James Blackett, Ultimo

1004. Richmond William, Asia (9), founder, to Elizabeth Pitt, Richmond

1005. Richards Samuel, Asia (9), ornament maker, to James Phillips, Hunter's River

1006. Rose William, Asia (9), stonemason, to George Bunn, Sydney

1007. *Raine George, Asia (9), shoemaker, to Thomas Fitzgerald, Sydney

1008. Roberts Joseph, Asia (9), shoemaker, to Peter Stuckey, Argyle

1009. Ranson Charles, Asia (9), shoemaker, to John Reddall, Campbell Town

1010. Russell William, Asia (9), cattle jobber and butcher, to Timothy Nowland, Miitland

1011. Royal Samuel, Asia (9), turner and soldier, to Capt. Maxwell, Sydney

1012. Robinson William, Asia (9), tailor, to Richard Rouse, Rouse Hill

1013. Rogers William, Malabar, butcher, to George Blackett, Liverpool ,

1014. Rogers Edward, Bombay and Elizabeth, waterman and soldier, to Cooper and Levy, Sydney

1015. Robertson Alexander, John (2), weaver, to William Cox, Clarendon

1016. Reid David,4 Champion, fisherman's boy, to William Hutchinson, Sydney

1017. Raeburn James, Georgiana, errand boy, to William Hutchinson, Sydney

1018. Radford Isaac, Batavia, baker and soldier, to Francis Girard, Sydney

1019. Redfern Thomas, Prince Regent, cotton manufacturer, to Martin Short, Sydney

1020. Rook John, Albion (2), sailor, to Thomas Small, Kissing Point

1021. Reynolds Michael, Lord Sidmouth, labourer, to Henry McDermott, Sydney

1022. Hawthorne Thomas, Sesostris', tailor, to Samuel, Sydney

1023. Raine George, Asia (D), shoemaker, to John White, at Mr. Marsden's, Sydney

1024. Revis James, Asia (9), seaman, to William Dunn, Hunter's River

1025. Ryan Michael, Isabella (3), ploughman, So Gabriel Thomson, Ultimo

1026. Robinson or Davis Michael, Ada (9), carman, to William Dunn, Hunter's River

1027. Ruddle George, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to T. W. M, Winder, Windermere

1028. Riley John, Isabella (4), factory boy, to Capt. Currie. R, N. Birch Grove

1029. Robinson James, Isabella (4), draper, to Sarah Erskine, Airds

1030. Rouse Jolin, Isabella (4), cabin boy, to Mary Cape, Windsor

1031. Reinhurst George, Isabella (4), valet and courier, to William Forster, Sydney

1032. Russ John, Isabella (4), hairdresser and groom, to Henry Drinkwater, Sydney

1033. Rogers John, Isabella (4), stonemason, to Samuel North, Windsor

1034. Ridley Robert, Isabella (4), miner and road maker, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1035. Shepherd George, England, cabinet maker, to John Buck Sand, lilawarra

1036. Stephenson William, Elizabeth (3), carpenter and seaman, to E. C. Close, Hunter's River

1037. Smith Henry, Lady Faversham, upholsterer, to Charles Roberts, Sydney

1038. Sweeny Edward, James Pattison, tin-man, to James Whittaker, Sydney

1039. Smithers John, Norfolk, top and pit sawyer, to Dr. Forster, Field of Mars

1040. Somers Thomas, Surry, top sawyer, to Cornelius Pront, Sydney

1041. Stacey John, Vittoria, miller and mill wright, to Simeon Lord, Sydney

1042. Stewart Daniel, Nithsdale, slater and builder, to Sydney Stephen, Sydney

1043. Sweeny James, Boyne, slater and setter, to L. Macalister, Argyle

1044. Shery John, Dunvegan Castle, quarry-man, to Potter McQueen, Segenhoe

1045. Slattery Daniel, Andromeda, labourer, to William Lithgow, Sydney

1046. Sims Samuel, Hadlow, labourer and weaver, to William Lithgow, Sydney

1047. Shedwick William, Royal Admiral, brick-layer, to Alexander Turner, Argyle

1048. Swift James, Marquis Huntly, brick-layer, to John Hughes, Sydney Hospital

1049. Spalls Jonathan, Surry (5), turner and farm boy, to E. J. Keith, Sydney

1050. Sullivan John, Asia (8), weaver, to Henry Rae, Maitland

1051. Savage John Edward, Bussorali Merchant, servant and brass founder, to John While, Sydney

1052. Shea Michael, Asia (8), boatman, to George Muir, Maitland

1053. Scully Martin, Jane, dealer in clothes, to Henry, Hart, Liverpool Road

1054. Smith Owen, Dunvegan Castle, errand boy, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1055. Scarnell John, Boyne, farm labourer, to Joseph Morley, Sydney

1056. Skinner David, Prince Regent, sailor, to Alfred Kennerly, Rooty Hill

1057. Suttor William, Norfolk, baker, to Thomas Share, Sydney

1058. Skelly Martin, Borodino, cutler, to Thomas Burdekin, Sydney

1059. Smith John, John (1), errand boy, to William Hill, Sydney

1060. Suttor George, Royal Admiral, cotton factor and shoemaker 1 year, to William Cox, Hobart Ville

1061. Stone Henry, England, cutler's boy, to M. A. W. Price, Seven Hills

1062. Stroud George, Mellish, ploughman, to James Bridge, Wollombi

1063. Saunders James, Guildford (8), groom, to William Howe, Glenlee

1064. Scott James, Bussorah Merchant, blacksmith, to General Stewart, Bathurst

1065. Skelly James, James Pattison, herdsman, to Laurence Myles, Hunter's River

1066. Stottor George, Katberine Stewart Forbes, labourer, to J. P. Webber, Paterson's Plains

1067. Savage George, Cambridge, errand boy, to J. P. Webber, Paterson's Plains

1068. Strainton William, Royal George, weaver, to John Earl, Hunter's River

1069. Smith Samuel, Florerttia, labourer, to John Flemming, Maitland

1070. Slater Thomas, Royal George, seaman, &c. to John D. Campbell, Liverpool

1071. Surgary John, Albion, farmer's man, to James Scott, St. Hilier's

1072. Storen Michael, Norfolk (3), plough-man, to George Townshend, Williams' River

1073. Sweeny Patrick, Norfolk (3), plough-man, to Thomas Wills, Lower Minto

1074. Sullivan John, Norfolk (3), ploughman and milks, to Colonel Parker, E.I. C., Sydney

1075. Skeehan Michael, Norfolk (3), plough man and groom, to Dr. Forster, Brush Farm

1076. Sullivan Daniel, Norfolk (3), ploughs, to Sarah Redfern, Airds

1077. Smith William, Norfolk (3), grocer and linen-draper, to William Lawson, Prospect

1078. Spelman John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Nelson Lawson, Prospect

1079. Sweeny John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Nelson Lawson, Prospect

1080. Silk Michael, Norfolk (3), warehouse boy, to C. Bayley, Sydney

1081. Smith Thomas, Norfolk (3), soldier and fisher's man, to John Dewhurst, Castle Hill

1082. Sullivan Cornelius; Norfolk (3), labourer, to William Mannix, Airtfo

1083. Slattery Patrick Norfolk (3), blacksmith, to J. M. Davis, Hunter's, River

1084. Shenwood George, Norfolk (3), groom and servant, to Rev. C. Dickinson, Field of Mars

1085. Slattery Jeremiah, Norfolk (3), baker, to Thomas Barker, Steam Engine

1086. Stacey James, Asia (9), ploughs and milks, to William Cromarty, Port Stephens

1087., Stevens Joseph, Asia (9), ploughs and milks, to Helenus Scott, Glendon

1088. Sams John, Asia (9), carter, to John Brown, Bathurst

1089. Shepherd Charles, Asia (9), errand boy, to Thomas, Howe, Burra Burra

1090. Saward John, Asia (9), labourer and porter, to Lieutenant Colonel Snodgrass, Sydney

1091. Sheen John, Asia (9), errand boy, to A. Foss, Sydney

1092. Spraggs Joseph, Asia, (9), shopman and clerk, to James Walker, Maitiand

1093. Stohe Thomas Horner, Asia (9),filer, to John Brown, Lower Portland Head

1094. Steggles Robert, Asia (9), labourer, to Patrick Moore, Sydney

1095. Stafford Jacob, the younger, Asia (9), grocer's shopman and weaver, to Thomas Howe, Burra Burra

1096. Smith Launcelot, Asia (9), weaver, to Samuel Terry, Sydney

1097. Scutton Robert, Asia (9), groom arid servant, to Dr. Bowman, Sydney

1098. Smith William, Asia (9), shoemaker, to George Barber, Argyle

1099. Standley George, Asia (9), brass founder, to James Blanch, Sydney

1100. Smith James, Asia (9), ladies' shoemaker, to T. Raine, Bathurst

1101. Solomon Moses, Hercules (1), hawker, to E. Phillips, Sydney

1102. Simmester Richard, Governor Ready, pot boy, to Joseph Delandre, Windsor

1103. Stacey Thomas, Marquis Hastings, farmer's man, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

1104. Senkins Vincent, Globe, farmer's man, to A. Imlay (Medical Staff), Sydney

1105. Sheehan Silvester, Regalia, farmer's man, to George Bowman, Richmond

1106. Simmons George, Cambridge, soldier, to John Howe, Windsor

1107. Sandeford John, Eliza (1), shoemaker, to Thomas Hyndes, Sydney

1108. Sherman Thomas, Asia (9), engineer, to Edward Biddulph. Sophia Jane, Steam Packet

1109. Saunderson William, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c. to William Shairp, North Shore

1110. Sidebotham Abraham, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c. to John Town, jun. Richmond

1111. Stodley Simon, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c. to Robert Bonnor, Bathurst

1112. Strachan Andrew, Isabella (4), stockman, to Hugh Byrne, Airds

1113. Simmonds Joseph, Isabella (4), seaman, to William Longford, Sydney

1114. Stevenson William, Isabella (4), calico printer, to Thomas Small, Kissing Point

1115. Stanley James, Isabella (4), warehouse labourer, to Thomas Small, Kissing Point

1116. Saunders John, Isabella (4), ribbon weaver and porter, to Richard Wiseman, Wollombi

1117. Smith William, Isabella, (4), seaman, to John Warby, Airds

1118. Stokes Joseph, Isabella (4), iron roller, to Alexander Chisholm, Lower Minto

1119. Stansbury William, (4), paper-hanger and painter, to William Lawson, jun. Bathurst

1120. Southall Thomas, Isabella (4), warehouse boy, to Samuel Terry, Sydney ,

1121. Smith Joseph, Isabella (4), groom and game-keeper, to J. J. Moore, Cabramatta

1122. Silcox Joseph, Isabella (4), butcher, to James Crisp, Sydney

1123. Smith James, Isabella (4), butcher and stock-man, to Charles Boydell, Hunter's River

1124. Sheppard Charles Isabella (4), miller, to Richard Longford, Sydney

1125. Stephenson Bartholomew, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1126. Smith John, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1127. Stewart John, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1128. Slewellin Robert, Isabella (4), stomemason, to A. W, Scott, Ash Island

1129. Smith Thomas, Ilabella (4), shoemaker, to William Price, Richmond

1130. Seaton William, Marquis Huntley, coach-smith, to Joseph Lancaster, Sydney

1131. Styving Charles, Norfolk, silk weaver, to Timothy Lincoln, Sydney


Principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office, }

2d June, 1832. }

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them,

(To be continued)

NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st January and 31st March, 1832 - Part IV - O-S

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