NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st January and 31st March, 1832 - Part V - T-Y



Part V

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

1132. TAPP CHARLES, Adrian, French polisher, to J, Wait, Argyle.

1133. Thorn William, Sarah, pit sawyer, to Dr. Bowman, Sydney

1134. Tomkins James, Agamemnon, wheelwright, to John McHenry, Penrith

1135. Tucker James, Midasj clerk, to Robert Lack, Campbelltown

1136. Turner John, Surry (5), ploughs, &c. to William Timothy Cape, Sydney

1137. Tierney John, Bussorah Merchant, baker, to Thomas Barker, Sydney

1138. Turner William, Agamemnon, wood turner, to Edward Greenland, Sydney

1139. Tabby John, Royal Admiral, goldsmith,to Robert Broad, Sydney

1140. Tierney Timothy, Boyne, bellhanger, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

1141. Taylor Charles, Marquis Hastings, saw-maker, to Arthur Rankin, Bathurst

1142. Taylor Thomas H, Minerva, writing master, to John Tarlington, Prospect

1143. Thomas John, Countess Harcourt, farm servant, to Wiiliam Ogilvie, Hunter's River

1144. Tarry John, Lord Melville, shoemaker, to John Wood, Maitland

1145. Toury Owen, Norfolk (3), ploughs, to General Stewart, Bathurst

1146. Tucker Cornelius, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to W. D. Tarlington, Prospect

1147. Toohey Edmond, Norfolk (3), blacksmith's stocker, to John Liscombe, Bathurst

1148. Todd John, Norfolk (3), labourer and stableman, to John Liscombe, Bathurst

1149. Tobin Patrick, Norfolk (3), labourer, to David Horton, Pitt Town

1150. Toomey Thomas, Norfolk (3), knife boy, to William Mannix, Airds

1151. Toomey Timothy, Norfolk (3), waiter, to Joseph Raphael, Sydney

1152. Tate Thomas, Norfolk (3), cooper and bleacher, to George Townsherid, Hunter's River

1153. Tray home John, Asia (9), bricklayer's labourer, ploughs, to Robert Scott, Glendon

1154. Thomson William, Asia (9), labourer and warehouseman, to D. O'Brien, Appin

1155. Thomson John, Asia, cabin boy, to Henry Briggs, Paterson's Piains

1156. Taylor William, Asia (9), linen-draper, publican, to William Wallace, Sydney

1157. Taylor George, Asia, (9), carter, to Henry Briggs, Paterson's Plains

1158. Taylor Benjamin, Asia (9), gardener, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

1159. Trimmer Thomas, Asia (9), butcher and stockman, to Robert Pringle, Carrington

1160. Turst William, Asia (9), button finisher, to Charles Soole, Sydney

1161. Thomson Henry, Asia (9), cabinet-maker, to T. Macquoid, Sydney

1162. Tudor Robert, Hooghley, (8), stone-cutter, errand boy, to William Long, Sydney

1163. Tully Michael, Dorothy, servant, to Samuel Blackman, Sydney

1164. Taylor John, Marquis Huntley, nailer, to F. C. L. Thomson, Camden

1165. Tragnor Richard, Lonach, groom, to Rev. R. Hill, Sydney

1166. Tanner Thomas, John, shoemaker, to Henry Hart, lllawarra

1167. Turner William, Mellish, cabinet lock-smith, to Michael Henderson, Williams' River

1168. Tooney Timothy, Norfolk (3), waiter, to James Slade, Sydney

1169. Thomson Henry, Asia (9), cabinet-maker, to Berry & Co., Sydney

1170. Taylor Edward, Isabella (4), porter, to John Wiseman, Wollombi

1171. Thomson William, Isabella (4), gunmaker and labourer, to Major Elrington, Mount Elrington

1172. Tripp James, Isabella (4), groom, to John Palmer, jun. Maitland

1173. Taylor Thomas, Isabella (4), soldier and groom, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

1174. Taylor James, Isabella (4), ladies' shoemaker, to William Dunn, Paterson's Plains

1175. Twist William, Isabella (4), button-finisher, to G. C. Curlewis, Sydney

1176. UNCLES JOHN, Albion (8), cotton spinner to Aubery Murray, Argyle

1177. VAUGHAN JOHN, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Thomas Stubbs, Wilberforce

1178. Vincent William, Asia (9), turner and book binder, to Stephens & Co. Sydney

1179. Valentine John, Ocean (3), pedlar, to Joseph Stubbs, Richmond

1180. WILSON JOHN W., Guildford, cabinet maker, to R. C. Lethbridge, Prospect

1181. Wright Robert, Nithsdale, shingler, to John Buckland, lllawarra

1182. Wild Samuel, Dunvegan Castle, turner, &c., to H.. C. Sempill, Segenhoe

1183. Wheeler Cabel, Layton, stone-cutter, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

1184. Ward Patrick, Sophia, stone-cutter, to Francis Lake, Hunter's River

1185. Wilslure Joseph, Hadlow, quarryman, to John Terry Hughes, Sydney

1186. Wright George, Marquis Huntly, labourer, to Nelson Lawson, Prospect

1187. Webb Joseph, Hooghley, labourer, to William Lawson, jun. Prospect

1188. Woodfield John, Nithsdale, bricklayer, to T. W. M. Winder, Windermere

1189. Williams George, Florentia, bricklayer, to William Hutchinson, Sydney

1190. Williams Charles, Claudine, plumber, &c., to F. Peterson, Sydney

1191. Wormleighton William, Sesostris, painter and glazier, to John McCurdy, Sydney

1192. Whiteworth Luke, Mangles (3), herdsman, to William Kempton, Sydney

1193. Walker James, Surry (5), gardener's labourer, to Alexander Livingstone, Bathurst

1194. Wilkins Thomas, Countess Harcourt, farmer's servant, to Richard Driver, Sydney

1195. Wilshire William, General Stewart, labourer, to George Bunn, Sydney

1196. Windor Thomas, Claudine, groom, to G. C. Curlewis, Sydney

1197. Weston John, Surry, quarryman, to Benjamin Sullivan, Hunter's River

1198. Winwood James, Elizabeth, shoemaker, to Henry Badgery, Sutton Forest

1199. Whalan William, Mariner, carpenter's boy, to Thomas Harper, Sydney

1200. Wild John, Marquis Hastings, farmer's man, to William Cox, Hobart Ville

1201. Waddington John, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to John Cobb, Hunter's River

1202. Williams Henry, Champion, clerk, to Stephens and Stokes, Sydney

1203. White Patrick, Marquis Huntly, tailor's boy, to F. C. L. Thompson, Argyle

1204. Wood Phillips, General Stewart, labourer, to Samuel Terry, Sydney

1205. Wade James, Lord Melville, nailer, to Berry and Co., Sydney

1206. Whitty Michael, Larkins, butcher, to Thomas Arkell, Bathurst

1207. Williams John, Malabar, servant, to John Piper, Bathurst

1208. Wilson William, Eliza, farmer's boy, to John Terry, Box-hill

1209. Wilkinson James, Lord Melville, weaver, to John Newsome, Windsor

1210. Webber James, Globe, labourer, to John Wood, Lowther

1211. White Luke, Marquis Hastings, farmer's boy, to John Wood, Lowther

1212. Walsh Robert, Eliza, weaver and soldier, to Mary Reiby, Wilberforce

1213. Walsh James, Forth, labourer, reaps, to William Ogilvie, Hunter's River

1214. Wright. William, Phcenix (4), labourer to Andrew M'Dougall, Patrick's Plains

1215. Wood Joseph, Manlius, pipe maker, to Humphry McKeon, Soldiers' Point

1216. White John, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to John Dight, Richmond

1217. Ward Patrick, Norfolk (3), labourer, to George. Sunderland, Curryjong

1218. Woodlock Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to John Greelian, Windsor

1219. Walsh Michael, Norfolk (3), blacksmith, to William Faithful, Goulburn Plains

1220. Wheelan Michael, Norfolk (3), rough shoe maker, to J. B. Richards, Brisbane Water

1221. Weston Henry, Norfolk (3), ploughs, &c., to James Mitchell, Sydney

1222. Warner Cornelius, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to Thomas Howe, Burra Burra

1223. Waters Joseph, Asia (9), shepherd, spadesman, to Thomas Howe, Burra Burra

1224. Walker Abram, Asia (9), weaver and gardener's labourer, to T. W. Smart, Sydney

1225. Walker Jambs, Asia (9), weaver and stableman, to Richard Brooks, Denham Court

1226. Walker Edward, Asia (9), shop boy, to Jonathan Lake, Sydney

1227. Westwood George, Asia (9), bargeman, to Charles Purcell, Penrith

1228. Wood William, Asia {9), bargeman, to A. K. Mackenzie, Bathurst,

1229. White Samuel, Asia (9), herdsman, to A. K. Mackenzie, Bathurst

1230. White John, Asia (9), groom and soldier, to Capt. Hunter, Sydney

1231. Watson James, Asia (9), clerk and soldier, to Robert Lowe, Bringelly

1232. Webb Richard, Asia (9), stableman and horse breaker, to D. C. G. Laidley, Sydney

1233. West James, Asia (9), groom, to M. Bernie, Sydney

1234. Whale George, Asia (9), butcher, jobber, and groom, to George Cox, Mulgoa

1235. Williams John, Asia (9); cabinet-maker, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

1236. Wooley Edward, Asia (9), locksmith, to Dr. Mitchell, Sydney

1237. Wall Thomas, Asia (9), butcher, to John Langdon, Sydney

1238. Waltham John, Minerva, locksmith's apprentice, to Archibald McKellup, Sydney

1239. Walsh James, Asia (4), carter, to William Fitzgerald, Sydney

1240. Wilshire Edward, Prince Regent, sawyer, to Richard Archibald, Lane Cove

1241. Watmore Thomas, Layton, gentleman's servant, to Caleb Salter, Sydney

1242. Wade Robert, Asia (5), boot closer, to William Merritt, Sydney

1243. Williams George, Phoenix (3), seaman, to William Jacklin, Lower Portland

1244. Wickham James, Manlius, brickmaker, to George Rankin, Bathurst

1245. Walsh Michael, Boyne, farmer's man, to Rev. M, Meares, Pitt Town

1246. Whitehead John, Elizabeth, servant, to R. Holdon, 17th Regiment, Sydney

1247. Weeks William, Prince Regent, chair maker, to C. D. Moore, Sydney

1248. Withers Stephen, Surry (5), groom and stableman, to Joseph, Biggs, Sydney

1249. Ward Samuel, Asia (9), groom and footman, to John Larnack, Patrick's Plains

1250. Wallis Nicholas, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c., to Sir John Wylde, Cabramatta

1251. Williams Robert, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c. to James George Doyle, 2d Branch Hawkesbury

1252. Williams Richard, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c. to Joshua J. Moore, Cabramatta

1253. White Isaac, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, and stockman, to Charles Throsby, Camden

1254. Wood James, Isabella (4), farmer's boy, to Charles Throsby, Camden

1255. Worgan Richard, Isabella (4), gardener's boy, to Major Ebrington, Mount Ebrington

1256. Waldron James Baker, Isabella (4), iron-monger's apprentice, to L. W. Reddall, Argyle

1257. White Joseph, Isabella (4), hawker, to William Dangar, Neatsfield

1258. Webb John, soldier, groom, &c. to T. R. Rouse, North Richmond

1259. White George, Isabella (4), stableman, to John Blaxland, Newington

1260. Wilks Thomas, Isabella (4), carpenter, and joiner, to George Galbraith, Argyle

1261. Wood William,. Isabella (4), brass and iron founder, to Robert Bonnor, Bathurst

1262. Wastaway Larab, Isabella (4), stonemason, to William Harper, Oswald

1263. Williams Charles, Isabella (4), shoemaker, to James Adair, Paterson's River

1264. Wynch Joseph, Isabella (4), champion, to Henry Bayly, Bayly Park

1265. YOUNG JOHN, Isabella (4), stone-setter and labourer, to Charles Throsby, Argyle

1266. Young James, Bussorah Merchant, in and out-door servant, to B. C. Rodd, Sydney

1267. Young William, Asia (9), labourer, milks, to John Robinson, Sydney

1268. Yates John, Midas, labourer and groom, to F. J. Rothery, Homebush

1269. Yarnell James, Isabella (4), mason's labourer, to William Clark, Surry Hills

Principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office, }

2d June, 1832. }

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them,


NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st January and 31st March, 1832 - Part V - T-Y

View Original: NEW SOUTH WALES. (1832, July 4). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), p. 167.