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NSW Return of Female Convicts Assigned to Settlers and Other Persons from the Ship "Pyramus" Assigned on 13th March 1832


464. ANDERSON MARGARET, Pyramus, dairy, &c., to John Palmer, junior, Richmond Vale

465. Arundale Jane, Pyramus, needlewoman, to John Brown, Customs, Sydney

466. Ashley Mary Ann, Pyramus, all work, to John Jameson, Parramatta

467. Allum Jane, Pyramus, nurse maid, to Susannah Eyre, Parramatta

468. Ashton Eliza, Pyramus, house maid, to J. Lovett, Kent-street, Sydney

469. Aldrige Rebecca, Pyramus, cook, to Mrs. F. Stephen, Sydney

470. Andrews Joanna, Pyramus, cook, to Mary Weller, Cleveland House, Sydney

471. BARROW ANN, Pyramus, dairy, &c., to Stephen Owen, Parramatta

472. Burridge Ellen, Pyramus, dairy, &c., to Mrs. Alderson, King-street, Sydney

473. Brewer Mary, Pyramus, laundress, to Joseph Underwood, Parramatta Road

474. Boyd Elizabeth, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Thomas Marsdan, Sydney

475. Barber Hannah, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Edward Hunt, George street, Sydney

476. Brown Mary, Pyramus, all work, to James Blanch, George-street, Sydney

477. Bird Ann, Pyramus, all work, to Thomas Watson, South Head

478. Brown Sarah, Pyramus, all work, to Cornelius Prout, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

479. Bollister Elizabeth, Pyramus, all work, to Mr. Clements, Liverpool

480. Biggs Mary A., Pyramus, all work, to J. McIntyre, Hunter's River

481. Bosmell Mary A., Pyramus, all work, to Ambrose Foss, Pitt-street, Sydney

482. Bishop Amelia, Pyramus, housemaid, to D. Doncomb, Sydney

483., Booth Caroline, Pyramus, housemaid, to Francis Mitchell, Sydney

484. Bimnon Matilda, Pyramus, housemaid, to William Wright, 49, Phillip-street, Sydney

485. Burns Ann, Pyramus, housemaid, to Joseph Moore, Cumberland-street, Sydney

486. Burns Mary , Pyramus, housemaid, to Mrs. Cameron, Tank-street, Sydney

487. Batkin Caroline, Pyramus, housemaid, to J. Everett, Cook's River

488. CORKER MARY A., Pyramus, laundress, to Mrs. Snodgrass Kent-street, Sydney

489. Cox Phoebe, Pyramus, laundress, to George Bunn, George-street, Sydney

490. Corville Eliza, Pyramus, laundress, to Mrs. Montefiore, O'Connel-street, Sydney

491. Curtis Ann, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Major Mitchell, Woolloomoolloo

492. Chapman Jemima, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Robert Campbell, Bligh-street, Sydney

493. Carroll Margaret, Pyramus, all work, to Doctor Lang, Church-hill, Sydney

494. Collins Sarah, Pyramus, nursewoman, to D. Donovan, Liverpool-street, Sydney

495. Clewley Mary, Pyramus, nursemaid, to W. R. Scott, Fort-street, Sydney

496. Collier Mary, Pyramus, nurse woman, to Joseph Bigge, Phillip-street, Sydney

497. Cowleurn Alice, Pyramus, housemaid, to Joseph Wyatt, Pitt-street, Sydney

498. Clark Sarah, Pyramus, housemaid, to Thomas Jeffery, Customs, Sydney

499. Crawley Ellen, Pyramus, housemaid, to Thomas Small, Kissing Point

500. DAVIS SUSAN, Pyramus, farm servant, to Sydney Stephen, York-street, Sydney

501. Davis Susannah, Pyramus, farm servant, to James Chisholm, George-street, Sydney

502. Davies Lucretia, Pyramus, farm servant, to George Biackett, Liverpool

503. Daniel Mary, Pyramus, laundress, to Richard Dalton, Sydney

504. Darby Sarah, Pyramus, nursemaid, to John Jones, Darling Harbour, Sydney

5051 Dowdell Mary, Pyramus, housemaid, to Lieutenant-Colonel Morisset, Norfolk Island

500. Drake Sarah, Pyramus, cook, to Thomas Moore, Liverpool

507. Dean Charlotte, Pyramus, cook, to Doctor Foster, Brush Farm

508. EBBS MARY, Pyramus, all work, to the Rev. J. Docker, Windsor

509. Eaves Maria, Pyramus, all work, to Catherine Cooper, Brisbane Distillery

510. Evans Mary, Pyramus, all work, to Thomas Smedmore, George-street, Sydney

511. Evans Ann, Pyramus, nurse girl, to Joseph Inch, Pitt-street, Sydney

512. East Mary, Pyramus, housemaid, to Thomas Byrne, Pitt-street, Sydney

513. Ebbon Hannah, Pyramus, housemaid, to Mary Marshall, 2, Campbell-street, Sydney

514. Elliott Mary, Pyramus, cook, to F, A. Hely, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

515. FORNICE MARY, Pyramus, all work, to Daniel Egan, Dock-yard, Sydney

516. Fisher Margaret, Pyramus, all work, to William C. Greville, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

517. GOULDEN ANN, Pyramus, all work, to Percy Simpson, Lower Portland Head

518. Garfitt Ann, Pyramuss cook, to Doctor Gibson, Argyle

519. HUNT ELIZABETH, Pyramus, dairy, all work, to William Cox, Parramatta

520. Hankinson, Alice, Pyramus, dairy and all work, to George Cutter, Mittagong

521. Hyde Maria, Pyramus, laundress, to Robert Johnstone, Annandale

522. Hodson Mary, Pyramus, laundress, to Maria Panton, Prince-street, Sydney

523. Holland Ellen, Pyramus, needlewoman, to the Rev. J. Vincent, Sydney

524. Henry Eliza, Pyramus, all work, to George Tomlins, O'Connel-street, Sydney

525. Hurley Ellen, Pyramus, all work, to Mr. Throsby, Glenfield

526. Hetherman Mary, Pyramsu, all work, to Mrs. Birch, Windsor

527. Hayes Mary A., Pyramus, all work, to William Hayes, South Creek

528. Hodgkin Sarah, Pyramus, all work, to Thomas Ryan, Prince-street, Sydney

529. Hayes Eliza, Pyramus, housemaid, to William Love, Concord

530. Hobbs Eliza, Pyramus, housemaid, to J. R. Styles, Inverary

531. Haley Mary, Pyramid housemaid, to John Palmer, Parramatta

532. Harwood Ann, Pyramus, cook, to Judge Dowling, Sydney

533. JONES MARGARET, Pyramus, needle-woman, to Mary Rutledge, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

534. Jones Mary, Pyramus, all work, to Mr. Tyre, Sydney

535. Jones Ann, Pyramus, all work, to Thomas Ingliss, George-street, Sydney

536. Jones Martha, Pyramus, all work, to W. S. Spearing, Illawarra

537. Jones Sarah, Pyramus, all work, to Sarah Waples, Pitt-street, Sydney

538. Johnson Mary, housemaid, to D. Weiss, King-street, Sydney

539. James Sarah, Pyramus, cook, to M. A. Poster, Bligh-street, Sydney

540. KELLY MARY, Pyfamus, laundress, to J. Long Innes, George-street, Sydney

541. Kenyon Elizabeth, Pyramus, all work, to Richard Driver, Hunter-street, Sydney

542. Kelly Mary Hannah, Pyramus, all work, to Simeon Lord, Macquarie-place

543. LEE MARY ANN, Pyramus, needle woman, to Mrs. William Dumaresq, St. Helliers

544. Lawless Ann, Pyramus, housemaid, to Lieut.-Colonel Morisset, Norfolk Island

545. MILLENER HANNAH, Pyramus, dairymaid, to James Atkinson Oldbury

546. McAnally Jane, Pyramus, dairymaid and washer, to c. Tompson, Clydesdale

547. Moores Martha, Pyramus, laundress, to William Toole, near Royal Hotel, Sydney

548. Marshall Margaret, Pyramus, laundress, to Thomas Macquoid, Park-street, Sydney.

549. Mallett Ann, Pyramus, needle woman, to Thosmas Cooper, Royal Oak, Sydney

550. Martin Mary A., Pyramus, all work, to John Scarr, Campbell Town

551. Morris Mary, Pyramus, all work, to R. Kemp, Fort-street, Sydney

552. McCarthy Ann, Pyramus, all work, to Ann Brady, York-street, Sydney

553. Moss Elizabeth, Pyramus, housemaid, to Lieut.-Colonel Morisset, Norfolk Island

554. Martin Sarah, Pyratnus, cook, to Geo. McSlade, Castlereagh-street Sydney

555. Manley Eliza, Pyramus, cook, to Mrs. Forbes, Macquarie-place, Sydney

556. NEIL ELIZABETH, Pyramus, laundress, to Skene Craig, Bligh-street, Sydney

557. Norris Elizabeth, Pyramus, all work, to Henry Marr, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

558. Nicholson Jane, all work, to Thomas Shepperd, Darling Nursery

559. Neilan Ellen, Pyramus, nursemaid, to Sarah Harvey, Parramatta

560. ORGAN MARY, Pyramus, laundress, to Mrs. Blaxland, Newington

561. Ollivant Mary, Pyramus, all work, to John Black, Bank New South Wales

562. Oram Frances, Pyramus, housemaid, to Robert Broad, 25 George-street, Sydney

563. PHILLIPS CATHERINE. Pyramus, dairymaid, to Mr. Justice Stephen, Punch Bowl, Liverpool-road

564. Perkin Sarah, Pyramus, laundress, to William Phillips, 8 Goulburn-street, Sydney

565. Parsons Elizabeth, Pyramus,needle woman, to William Shepperd, near Sydney Toll-gate

566. Probyn Elizabeth, Pyramus, needle woman, to T. Petty, Hunter-street, Sydney

567. Perkins Mary, Pyramus, allwork, to Miss Wylie, 16, Caslereagh-street, Sydney

568. Parsons Alice, Pyramus, housemaid, to Mrs. Macnamarra, George-street, Sydney

569. ROSE SARAH, Pyramus, laundress, to S. A. Perry, Deputy Surveyor General, Sydney

570. Rebecca Edwards, Pyramus, needle woman, to Robert Jones, George-street, Sydney

571. Riley Jane, Pyramus, needle woman, to Mrs. Chambers, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

572. Ross Elizabeth, Pyramus, all work, to D. J. Smith, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney

573. Roxborough Catherine, Pyramus, all work, to Mrs. Ward, 47 Upper Pitt-street, Sydney

574. Reagan Mary, Pyramus, all work, to Mrs. Fisk, Sussex-street, Sydney

575. Rose Elizabeth, Pyramus, nurse maid, to Samuel Bate, 46 Pitt-street, Sydney

576. Ryder Sarah, Pyramus, cook, to Thomas Day, 13 Kent-street, Sydney

577. Ray Jane, Pyramus, cook, to J. E. Manning, Ultimo-house, Sydney

578. SALISBURY MARTHA, Pyramus, dairymaid, to Reverend T. Reddall, Campbelltown

579. Sleeman Martha, Pyramus, laundress, to Captain Hunter, Kent-street, Sydney

580. Smith Elizabeth, Pyramus, all work, to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse

581. Silver Ann, Pyramus, all work, to Robert Gooch, Parramatta

582. Sheeley Ann, Pyramus, all work, to Geo. Wm. Barker, Parramatta-road

583. Smith Mary, Pyramus, all work, to J. Larnach, Castle Forbes

584. Sherrington Sarah, Pyramus, all work, to John Cobb, at Mr. Henry Donnison's

585. Smith Mary A., Pyramus, needle woman, to F. Bedwell, Windmill-street, Sydney

586. Shelton Elizabeth, Pyramus, housemaid, to Robert Kellon, Brickfield-hill, Sydney

587. Smith Margaret, Pyramus, housemaid, to Mrs. Still, Prince-street, Sydney

588. Strange Mary, Pyramus, housemaid, to C. Lethbridge, Parramatta

589. Standley Elizabeth, Pyramus, housemaid, to James Orr, Parramatta

590. Stewart Mary, Pyramid housemaid, to Edw. Sandwell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

591. Stephenson Ann, Pyramus, housemaid, to Christopher McGuire, Woolloomoolloo

592. Smith Sarah, Pyramus, cook, to Launcelot Iredale, George-street, Sydney

593. THOMPSON ANN, Pyramus, nurse maid, to W. P. Wilshire, Brickfield-hill, Sydney

594. Tansley Mary, Pyramus, cook, to Mrs. Riddell, Race Course, Sydney

595. VINER MARY, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Joseph Wyatt, Pitt-street, Sydney

596. Verdum Bridget, Pyramus, nurse woman, to Samuel Lyons, George-street, Sydney

597. WELSH ANN, Pyramus, all-work, to John Jones, Parramatta

598. Walters Sarah, Pyramus, all work, to Wm. Pendray, George-street, Sydney

599. West Elizabeth, Pyramus, all work, to Wm. Bradridge, Druitt-street, Sydney

600. Wilson Hannah, Pyramus, nursemaid, to C. T. Smeathman, Coroner, Sydney

601. Wilson Elizabeth, Pyramus, nursemaid, to Captain Southam, Prince-street, Sydney

602. Wilson Catharine, Pyramas, nursemaid, to John Paul, George-street, Sydney

603. Wetherstone Catherine, Pyramus, house-maid, to R. Campbell, jun., Bligh-street, Sydney

604. Williams Margaret, Pyramus, housemaid, to Barnet Levy, George-street, Sydney

605. Williams Ann, Pyramus, housemaid, to William Dawes, Pitt-street, Sydney

606. Wilkins Ann, Pyramus, housemaid, to Miss Anderson, Church-Hill, Sydney

607. Willett Mary, Pyramus, cook and house maid, to Mrs. Kinchela, Hereford-house near Sydney.


Principal Superintendent of Convicts.

Female Factory, Parramatta
6th June, 1832


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