Madame Melba Visiting the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Station Adelaide November 1902

Madame Melba 

Visiting the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Station 


November 1902

Madame Melba Visiting the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Station November 1902
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On 22 November 1902 the Adelaide Observer reported:

Madame Melba was enthusiastically farewelled on Monday. In the morning the diva visited the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Station. The fact of the visit having been announced drew a large number of ladies to the vicinity of the well-known institution in Wakefield street. The members of the Fire Brigades Board, representatives of the City Council, and other citizens were present, and when the Queen of Song alighted from her carriage the Brigade Band played "The song of Australia. The crowd cheered heartily. Superintendent Booker welcomed the famous cantatrice, and a guard of honour saluted her as she passed into the station. A wonderfully expeditious "call out" was enacted, and Madame congratulated Superintendent Booker on the smartness and efficiency of the brigade and on the perfect state of the whole station. After inspecting the establishment the distinguished visitor was escorted to the music room, where a, string band played "Home, sweet home" and Schubert's "Adieu," while a member of the brigade showed what a clever pianist he is. Madame Melba and her company left for Melbourne by the express in the afternoon. The train was besieged with worshippers of the great diva anxious to see her off. The platform was crowded, and it was impossible to get anywhere near to the state carriage in which the diva travelled. Every one seemed anxious to get a last look at the greatest singer in the world, and there was a crowding and a crushing to get near to the windows. At last the whistle blew and the train steamed out of the station to the accompaniment of ringing cheers and waving of handkerchiefs. Madame stood at the window smiling and waving her hand. Adelaideans are hoping that Melba will be induced to give another concert in Adelaide on her return from Western Australia.

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