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Queensland - Crown Lands Beyond the Settled Districts - Caveats Against Claims to Leases - 6 March 1849


(From a Supplement to the Government Gazette of March 2, 1849.)


Crown Lands Office, Sydney, 6th March, 1849.

With reference to the several notices in the Government Gazette, publishing "claims to leases of runs beyond the settled districts," it is hereby notified, for the information of all parties interested, that caveats have been received against the claims specified in the accompanying list.

2. It Is to be understood that no new caveats, having reference to demands already advertised, will be received after the present date, except for special cause shown.

3. Parties interested will be allowed personal access, if they so desire it, to the caveats already lodged, on application at this office.

4. Any caveat may be withdrawn by the party lodging it, on a written application being made to that effect, the signature to such application being attested by a Justice of the Peace, or a Commissioner of' the Supreme Court.

5. If, within two months from the present date, the caveat in any case shall not be withdrawn, as above, demand to which it relates will be referred for the investigation of a commissioners, appointed under the Act of Council 11 Vic., No. 61, and the parties subjected to the expense of that proceeding.


Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands.

Name of Applicant for Lease / Name of Run applied for to Lease / Party Lodging Caveat against the Issue of such Lease


James Aitken - Bushy Park - W. C. B. Wilson

John Eaton - Roseberry - W. C. Bundock

William Tucker Evans - Tabulam - Thomas Robertson

Fawcett and Mayne - (Not stated) - Ward Stephens

Clark Irving - (Not stated) - Isabella M'Kellar

Clark Irving - (Not stated) - Ward Stephens

John Lord - Ellerby - Ward Stephens

Edye Manning - Ramornie - J. T. Plomer

Thomas Ryan - Waterview - James Aitken

Shaw and Leycester - Tunstal - Ward Stephens

Thomas Small, senior - Swan Creek - James Aitken

Ward Stephens - Runnymede - Shaw and Leycester

Ward Stphens - Virginia Water - Shaw and Leycester

William C. B. Wilson - Youlsumba - James Aitken


Colin Campbell, now R. Campbell - Glengallan - Messrs. W. and G. Leslie

Campbell and Andrew - (Not stated) - John Taylor

Crawford and Hodgson - Eton Vale - Charles Mallard

Crawford and Hodgson - Eton Vale - William Turner

John and Alfred Clowder - Braemer Forest - J. P. Wilkie

George Gammie - Talgai - John Taylor

James Hay - Strathmillar - Colin Campbell

Hay and Fairholme - Tulburra - John Taylor

William M'Kenzie - Monday Creek - M. H. Marsh

Charles Mallard - Peel's Plains - Crawford and Hodgson

Robert G. Moffatt - Canning Creek - Edward Brown

John Stepens - Myall Creek - George Mocatta

John Taylor - Rosenthal - Hay and Fairholme

John Taylor - Rosenthal - M. H. Marsh

J. J. Whitting, now D. Perrier - Beauaraba - C. Mallard


Bank of Australasia - Glen Innes - Mary M'Intyre

Bank of Australasia - Kentucky - Henry Dangar

Colin Alexander Anderson - Newstead - Brown and Alcorn

Colin Alexander Anderson - Newstead - Mary M'Intyre

William M. Boyd - Boyd's Plains - Mary M'Intyre

George Bowman - Maidenhead - John Dobie

William Borthwick - Auburn Vale - Henry Danger

Brown and Alcorn - Elmsmore - Alexander Campbell

Brown and Alcorn - Elmsmore - Colin A. Anderson

C. H. and W. F. Buchanan - Rimbanda - William Buchanan

Nathan Burrows - Hanging Rock - Isaac Haig

Alexander Barlow - Abingdon - William Smith, jun.

Brown, Hetherington,and Robinson - Bonshaw - George Bowman

Bingle and Watt - Hartswood - J. P. Borthwick

Alexander Campbell - Inverall - Mary M'Intyre

Edward George Clerk - Clerkness - Darby and Goldfinch

Andrew Coventry - Oban - William Rawson

Henry Danger - Gostwyeh - Bank of Australasia

Henry Danger - Paradise Creek - A. Wauchope

Henry Danger - Paradise Creek - Esther Hughes

Henry and R. Denne - Tea River - Jamieson and M'Kenzie

Phillip Ditmas - Clarevaulx - Mary M'Intyre

John Fletcher - Branga Plains - John M'Iver

Francis Girard, now Dacre & Ryan - Branga Park - John Brown

W. C. Hetherington - Mendowey Creek - G. Bowman, per J. Norton

George Hall, Estate of - Callaghan's Swamp - John Fletcher

Esther Hughes - Cope's Creek - Henry Dangar

Richard Hardgrave - Hill Grove - M. C. O'Connell

Martin Kelly - Stoney Creek - E. G. Clerk

Leonard E. Lester, now John Brown - St. Leonard's - Dacre and Ryan

Donald Larnach, now G. C. Turner - Walcha - William Denne

Messrs J. & J. Landsborough - Rock Vale - M. C. O'Connell

Matthew Henry Marsh - Salisbury - A. Nivison

Matthew Henry Marsh - Bourolong - F. Vygne

Morse and Tourle - Bolala - Robert Pringle

Charles Morrison - Glen Morrison - Dacre and Ryan

Mary M'Intyre - Byron Plains - Alexander Campbell

Mary M'Intyre - Waterloo - William Vivers

Mary M'Intyre - Waterloo - George Polhill

Mary M'Intyre - Gira - Joseph Daly

M'Lennon and Freeman - Glen Fernagh - Henry Dangar

C. C. M'Donald - Falconar - M. H. Marsh

C. C. M'Donald - Falconar - William Rawson

William Morgan - Mangola - Wright and M'Leod

George Polhill - Wellingrove - Mary M'Intyre

Robert Pringle - Retreat - Morse and Tourle

T. G. Rusden, now Frederick Huth - Europambela - Jamieson and Mackenzie

T. G. Rusden, now Frederick Huth - Europambela - A. Nivison

William Smith, jun. - Laura - E. G. Clerk

William Vivers - King's Plains & Frazer's Creek - Mary M'Intyre

William Vivers - King's Plains & Frazer's Creek - Alexander Campbell

George Wyndham - Buekulla and Nullamana - Cheeke and Broadhurst

A. Wauchope - Moredun - Mary M'Intyre

A. Wauchope - Moredun - Henry Dangar

Queensland - Crown Lands Beyond the Settled Districts - Caveats Against Claims to Leases - 6 March 1849

View Original: Crown Lands Beyond the Settled Districts (1849, March 31). The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 - 1861), p. 4.


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