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Civil Registration began in: Tasmania - 1 Dec. 1838; Western Australia - 9 Sept. 1841; South Australia - 1 Jul. 1842; Victoria - 1 Jul. 1853; New South Wales - 1 Mar. 1856; Queensland - 1 Mar. 1856; Northern Territory -24 Aug. 1870; Australian Capital Territory - 1 Jan. 1930.

The following states were part of New South Wales: Tasmania until 1825; South Australia until 1836; Victoria until 1851; and Queensland until 1859.

The Northern Territory was part of South Australia from 1863 to 1911.

Family History Links and Resources 

This list is by no means a complete list of what is available online.  It is however designed as a starting point for anyone interesting in looking into their family history online.  More detailed lists of Australian Genealogical resources can be found on CoraWeb and Cyndi's List (please see links to these sites under "Portals".)

Commercial Sites
World Vital Records

Free Sites


National and State Family History Societies and Organisations
The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc

Australian Capital Territory 

New South Wales 

Northern Territory 



Western Australia 
Lord Howe Island GenWeb Project
Norfolk Island GenWeb Project

Specialised Family History Associations & Groups
Mary Wade Family History Association - This association exists to assist descendants of Mary Wade (Second Fleet convict) with their genealogy, the large online tree includes some 'in-laws' information which others may find useful. The website includes many photos, stories and information about the many families related to Mary Wade.

Genealogy Communities on Facebook

These following links are to communities (of which I am a member and highly recommend) of fellow researchers who are always willing to offer advice and assistance to anyone researching their family.

1841 - 1939 & Beyond Genealogy Discussion Group
Australian Family History Genealogy Ancestral Research
Australian Genealogy
Convicts to Australia Research
Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide
Genealogy Addicts Photos and Stories (filling in the GAPS)
Genealogy My Ancestors Came to Australia

History Related Communities on Facebook

Abandoned Houses Australia
Abandoned Pubs Australia
Abandoned Shops Australia
Australia Looking At Times Past
Australia Old Pioneer Photos
Australia Remember When
Australian History what you may not know?
Australian People Through the Years
Australia - Vintage Photos of Cities and Towns in Australia
Historic Australia
Ivor's Heritage, History & Memories
Old Australian Photos
Old Shops & Stores of Australia & New Zealand
Old Time Photos Of Yesteryear
Research Australia Early History
School Photos of Australia
Vintage Australia
Vintage & Retro Australia
Vintage Memories-Australia through time

Old NSW Album

Historic Sydney 
Historic Sydney & NSW Waterways
Lost Sydney
Nostalgic Sydney
Old Industry Sydney
Old Sydney Album
Old Sydney Burial Grounds
Remembering Sydney
Sydney Harbour History
Sydney Then and Now
Sydney's Eastern & Southern Suburbs Heritage, History & Memories
Vintage Sydney (Australia) Heritage, History & Memories

Back in Time, Photos from the Illawarra
Blue Mountains & Lithgow Memories History & Heritage
Hawkesbury Happenings, History & Memories
Hills District Memories (Sydney, Australia) Heritage, & History
Lost Wollongong
Museum Macarthur
Old Griffith & NSW Album
Parramatta & Cumberland District Heritage, History & Memories
Penrith-St. Marys District Memories


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Popular Articles

The First Stone Bridge Built in NSW - Road from Emu Plains, Over the Blue Mountains

*From: Sketches in Australia [1848]
This series consisted of 18 tinted lithographs issued in three parts - each part comprising 6 lithographs, and enclosed in buff coloured covers. Unsold copies were reissued in book form in 1852.
8. Road from Emu Plains, Over the Blue Mountains. The First Stone Bridge built in New South Wales.
Lithograph 21 x 25.4cm.Cream tint. The bridge, known as Horseshoe Bridge on Mitchell's Pass, near present-day Lapstone, was the first constructed by David Lennox, the famous colonial bridge builder. It was completed in 1833 and the original view for this lithograph was probably taken during the final stages of construction. Note the convict labourers and road gang at work on the bridge surrounds. Richard Bourke took special pride in the constructions of Lennox during his period of governorship. Reproduced: Spiers, p.49. Letterpress text:
This view, intended to represent part of a Road over the Blue Mountai…

Horsham, Victoria 1888 - Biographical sketches of the Prominent Residents of the Town

The following are short biographical notes of a number of the most prominent residents of the town of Horsham, Victoria: - 
Alexander, Alfred, Horsham, was born in Sydney, N.S.W., whence he came with his parents to Victoria, and attended the National-school, Ballarat. At an early age he commenced work, and tried nearly every goldfield in Victoria, although with but indifferent success. He took to brick-making, first at Ararat for two years, then at Stawell, and then at the Glenisla station, on the Gleneig River, near Balmoral, and finally landed in Horsharn with his family, and one shilling in his pocket. He commenced life there as a wood-carter, and afterwards bought a share in a brickyard, working as a partner four years. He then sold out, and bought in with Messrs. Willoughby and Trew. Since that he has bought them out, now employs several hands, and turns out about 20,000 bricks per annum.
Ayrton, Robert, Horsham, a native of Lancashire, England, served his time to the trade of but…

List of Towns and Stations in New South Wales in 1832

A List of Towns and Stations

Arranged alphabetically, stating the County and the Distance in Miles from Sydney. Appin, At King’s Falls, where the road to Illawarra crosses the Georges’s River, called in the neighbourhood Tuggerah Creek, Cumberland, 45 miles.

Arthursleigh, on the Wollondilly, near Eden Forest, Argyle, 100 miles.

Bamballa, On the road to St. Vincent and Lake Bathurst, Camden, 101 miles.

Barber’s Station, On the Road to Lake Bathurst, Argyle, 107 miles.

Bargo Rivulet, Crosses the Road to Camden, 53 miles.

Bateman Bay
, On the Coast to the Southward, St. Vincent, 166 miles.

Bathurst Flag Staff, At the Township, Bathurst, 126 miles.

Bathurst Lake, At the Village Reserve, Argyle, 142 miles.

Best’s Inn, On the Road to Wiseman’s, Cumberland, 29 miles.

Bilong, On the Goulburn River, unnamed, 175 miles.

Bird’s Eye Corner, Ford over the Nepean River at Menangle, Cumberland, 38 miles.

Black Bob’s Creek, At the crossing on the Road to Goulburn, Camden, 86 ½ miles.

Black Head, A Point on the Se…